Application for Secretary of FCCPSD

Our Secretary position is open. If you would like to apply for a nomination to the position, please fill out this application. Application deadline is Jan.5, 2016. The Steering Committee will appoint prior to its next meeting on Jan. 30.








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Support FCCPSD

Have you wondered how you can help support our association? We don't collect dues, but we do accept donations. We are a 501(c)3 organization and your contributions are tax deductible.



We are South Dakota's statewide volunteer association of family child care providers and group home providers whose mission is to empower family child care professionals and achieve high quality care for all South Dakota children.

If you care for children in your home who are unrelated to you, you are a family child care provider. This is an association of people who are doing what you do, every day. We support new providers who are looking for ideas and offer avenues for experienced providers to share their tips and help pave the path to professionalism.

Membership is free

We invite you to step onto the path of lifelong learning and continual growth by using this website to gain information you need to help you and encourage you to join our association. By joining FCCPSD, you are becoming a part of an innovative team of professionals whose goals include providing educational and networking opportunities for the people who work hard to provide quality care to children in South Dakota. You can Join Online or print out our membership brochure.Membership Brochure

Resource partners

We wish to form strong relationships with individuals and other organizations who care about children in South Dakota. We welcome parents, child care professionals in other settings, former providers and all others interested in the activities, programs and goals of FCCPSD to join as resource partners of our organization.
FCCPSD is recognized by the IRS as a 501(c)3 charitable organization. It also is recognized as a professional organization by South Dakota Pathways to Professional Development.
We hope you enjoy this new site as much as the creator of it is enjoying making it. You will see photos of children and activities. We would like more, from you! Print this Photo Release Form. If you have the parents fill that out, you can either mail it to us or scan and email it, along with the photos, and we can then use them. You can also submit photos that do not show the children's faces and we can use those, too.


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